New Website Coming for Precision Agriculture

Kurt LawtonGeneral

Even with broadband speed, finding the best precision agriculture info can be a daunting task (even with our help). But a group of university precision ag specialists plan to simplify that task–and we’ll help bring it to you here on the pages of

A new web-based resource for precision agriculture is in the works, driven by the mission to combine the best knowledge across 74 land grant universities. The group plans to launch this website, complete with 50 topics in 10 categories by this summer.

Their goal: offer the most complete, accurate and current source of information, education and advice to advance the understanding and practice of precision agriculture. Sources for this information (all peer-reviewed) will include university specialists, precision ag company resources, retailers and farmers. The framework will include all crops, and it plans to be international in scope.

In the December 2008 Site Specific Management Center Newsletter from Purdue University, Bruce Erickson, Director of Cropping Systems Management, outlined these topic areas:

  • Precision Ag Basics
  • GPS & Guidance
  • Yield Monitoring & Mapping
  • Remote Sensing for Agriculture
  • Soil & Crop Sensing
  • Field Variability Management
  • Variable Rate Application
  • Electronics & Control Systems
  • Precision Ag Data Management
  • Economics of Precision Ag

The Precision Agriculture group will first exist as a part of the Geospatial Technology resource area, but intends to create its own resource area by summer. The group designated a preliminary overall leadership team: John Nowatzki, North Dakota State University, Randy Taylor, Oklahoma State University, and Bruce Erickson, Purdue University. Sponsors are being solicited, and will be recognized on the site as contributors to this effort. Contributions will fund the time of a person or persons who will add content and oversee the site.

Stay tuned to for the latest in precision ag news.