January Webinar On GPS Developments In Ag

Kurt LawtonEducation, GPS

GPS World magazine offers a free seminar on January 27 to learn more about GPS in Agriculture. Rob Lorimer, Managing Director of Position One Consulting and GPS World Professional OEM Editor, will discuss current and future applications of GPS in agriculture along with an update on market trends and economic benefits of widespread GPS in agriculture and more.

What you’ll learn:

  • The main uses of GPS in Agriculture including CA Code, single and dual frequency applications.
  • The countries and regions around the world most actively using GPS in their agricultural production.
  • The cropping sectors which are the most advanced in GPS adoption and why.
  • The major suppliers of GPS products and services into Agriculture.
  • The potential impact of current economic conditions on GPS adoption in Agriculture.
  • Emerging applications for GPS in cropping agriculture, animal husbandry and wild-stock management.
  • Potential macro economic benefits of widespread GPS in agriculture.
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