Pioneer Acquires MapShots

Kurt LawtonIndustry News, Precision Ag in the News

Pioneer Hi-Bred expanded their mapping and record keeping services today with its announced acquisition of Georgia-based MapShots Inc., a privately-owned agricultural data management company that develops and sells proprietary crop management software.

Pioneer, which has had a long-standing business relationship with MapShots, will now be able to extend its Pioneer FIT mapping service and information available through GrowingPoint website record-keeping service. FIT mapping is part of a suite of services that Pioneer sales professionals offer to growers to help them achieve effective hybrid and variety placement.

MapShots, known for the EASi Suite brand of crop software, will continue to sell, support and enhance this line of desktop software for growers and professional service providers. They will also continue to license core precision ag components to other companies for inclusion in their products and services.

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