Survey Says Less Steering Wheel Use

Kurt LawtonDealers, Research

Like farmers, more retailers are using their steering wheels less this past year–without going in the ditch!

Survey says…adoption of auto guidance grew from 27% use by retailers to 37% in 2008. Other growing precision technologies being applied for customers include GPS guidance using lightbars, satellite/aerial imagery, field mapping with GIS for legal/billing/insurance purposes, and GPS for logistics uses.

When asked how they see farmer use expanding in the next three years (percent of acres in their retail area), survey says…

  • soil sampling w/GPS will grow from 27% to 44% of acres
  • field mapping w/GPS will grow from 27% to 46%
  • variable seeding w/GPS will grow from 5% to 18%
  • variable fertilizer w/GPS will grow from 20% to 38%
  • satellite imagery will grow from 9% to 20%
  • lightbar guidance w/GPS will grow from 35% to 50%
  • auto guidance w/GPS will grow from 15% to 33%
  • yield monitors w/GPS will grow from 22% to 42%
  • yield monitors w/o GPS will grow from 26% to 32%

These facts, and plenty more, came from the 13th annual survey by Crop Life magazine and Purdue University’s Center for Food and Agricultural Business. Over 275 U.S. retailers responded. 

For some light winter reading, check out the entire 55-page report here 2008 dealership survey. You’ll also discover their opinions on barriers to growth and expansion, as well as how they see their role with manufacturers and customers.