Precision Ag In The News

Chuck ZimmermanPrecision Ag in the News

Those California wine makers sure seem to get it when it comes to precision agriculture. Here’s a story about how they do in the Santa Rosa Press Democrat.

Did you know that precision farming played a role in today’s Wine of the Week winner, Iron Horse Vineyards’ 2005 Wedding Cuvée Blanc de Noir?

The winery has a plane fly over its vineyards twice a year to gather information with infrared photography about how the vegetation varies from block to block and even row to row.

Lawrence Sterling, operations manager, said from a winemaker and grower’s point of view, such variability is “the most challenging” aspect of making wine. The data collected helps the winery chart where and when to pick. It also helps with farming decisions such as irrigation and cover crop planting.

You can watch a video of the story with this link. Or right here: