Farming and Online Socially

Chuck ZimmermanFarmers

How many of you farmers are using social networking online? I get asked about this all the time. Of course I know you are or you wouldn’t be here on Let me know if you’ve got a blog, Facebook or Twitter account and I’ll point people your way. Here’s a farmer using precision ag who’s writing online that I just found out about today.

Let me point you to Tucker who writes The View From The Tractor. He’s following me on Twitter now and I’m following him (subscribed to each other feeds in case you don’t know about following). I’ve never met Tucker but I already feel like I’m starting to get to know him. I love his personal description:

My name is Tucker. My son’s are also called Tucker. We live on a farm in Nebraska. I drive a tractor. I also have the opportunity to spend a majority of my time intaking podcasts and reading in my tractor (I have GPS autosteer) and then I can come here and share some thoughts with you. It is my wish that you will see in my writings, I really do spend too much time alone think.

Feel free to write, call, email, or just comment. I love the socialality of all of this. Our community exists everywhere, even from a little isolated farm in western Nebraska.

So, “Yeah, farmers are using social networking and new media.” Just ask Tucker.