Truth About Precision Technology

Cindy ZimmermanAudio, General

World Food Prize Dean KlecknerPrecision technology goes hand in hand with biotechnology when it comes to increasing productivity for agriculture.

That according to Dean Kleckner, chairman of Truth About Trade and Technology – as well as former president of the American Farm Bureau Federation and a farmer from Iowa. He attended the recent World Food Prize symposium where farmers from all over the world gathered for a Global Farmer to Farmer Roundtable.

Kleckner calls precision technology “huge” in helping to increase agricultural production. “It isn’t just biotech that is leading to increased production. It’s being able to use precision farming to put on more fertilizer in the part of the field that is capable of producing more,” Kleckner said. “Sometimes it’s only ten feet apart, but if we map it we can apply fertilizer and tillage differently.”

“It all costs money to do it, but many farmers are saying it’s money well spent and I happen to agree that it is,” Kleckner continued. “And I would suggest that we ain’t seen nothing yet. I believe that in not too many years we are going to be able to double production of corn, soybeans, wheat and flax and everything else that we grow.”

Listen to comments from Dean Kleckner during an interview at the World Food Prize: