Fertilizer Compliments Precision

Laura McNamaraAudio

International Plant Nutrition InstitutePrecision ag companies boast that their technologies boast can reduce input costs by reducing the amount of fertilizer farmers need to use. So, at first, it might not make sense for a fertilizer company to be so enthusiastically on board with precision technology as the International Plant Nutrition Institute. But Harold Reetz, the Director of External Support for IPNI, says the fertilizer industry has every reason to be involved in precision agriculture. He adds that’s why the IPNI not only participated but helped sponsor the 9th annual International Conference on Precision Agriculture in Denver, CO last month.

Harold says precision technology not only improves “production practices and profitability for farmers,” it also means they are “better able to use nutrients they way they should and do better management with nutrients.” So for Harold, precision and fertilizer work hand in hand, especially he says, when it comes to more environmentally-conscious agriculture. Harold says the IPNI is committed more sustainable approaches to farming.

I spoke with Harold about how fertilizer fits in with precision. You can listen to my interview with Harold here:
Harold Reetz, Director of External Support for the International Plant Nutrition Institute