Ag Expo to Debut in Orlando 2010

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agconnect.jpgThe Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) has announced its plans to host a new international agricultural exposition. The AEM says event will showcase leading innovation and technology within the ag sector and provide a forum for interaction with industry experts. Mark your calendars for the first-ever Ag CONNECT Expo January 12-15, 2010 in Orlando, Florida.

Manufacturers, dealers, distributors and producers from almost every sector of agriculture want to be globally competitive. At AG CONNECT Expo, they will have knowledge-sharing opportunities to better evaluate their position in the world marketplace while networking in a global environment and learning how to gain a competitive advantage.

AG CONNECT Expo will provide industry professionals with insights into U.S. and international ag policies as well as management best practices that producers are using around the world. “Our goal is for AG CONNECT Expo to become the forum for sharing global agricultural ideas and management trends,” O’Brien noted.

Education is a key focus of the show. In addition to showcasing a wide variety of new equipment, technology and services, AG CONNECT Expo will offer information on some of agriculture’s most important business management issues. Internationally recognized speakers will address topics such as high-tech farming, safe equipment operation, alternative fuels, alternative energy sources, general management issues for efficiency and issues pertinent to family-run businesses.

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Charlie O’Brien (OQ – agriculture comes together.)

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