Purdue Prepares for Precision at Annual Workshop

Laura McNamaraEvents

41st Top Farmer Crop WorkshopPurdue is preparing for its 41st Top Farmer Crop Workshop this month. The workshop, which will be held July 20 – 23, is focusing on the future of farming and the ever-evolving ag industry. Speakers on a wide array of farming topics are sure to address precision technology as they delve into today’s modern farming techniques.

John Deere, specifically, will be addressing precision automation technology in the More Automation – More Work Accomplished breakout session Monday evening. Jamie Bultemeier and Andrea Grube will explain how farmers can “do more, and to do it faster and better!” A field demonstration will follow the informational session.

Wednesday will feature a look at robotic farming. Simon Blackmore, Project Manager of FutureFarm Europe and Director, UniBots Ltd Simon will present How Feasible is Robotic Agriculture?.

Simon has a worldwide reputation in developing intelligent machines and processes for crop production, and now he is running EU’s farm of tomorrow. With guidance, advanced monitoring and precision control systems becoming commonplace on farm equipment, what next steps will automation tackle in improving production or efficiency?

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