City Slickers Gape at Precision Technology

Laura McNamaraGPS

PrecisionAg Most city folk just don’t get it if you ask Paul Schrimpf. Paul is the author of the Clear Signals commentary on and he just recently wrote about explaining real-time kinematic GPS technology to a friend at dinner. Paul says his friend was floored to learn what it takes to invest in modern farming techniques, to learn that in reality the industry is usually a far cry from ‘consumers pay more while farmers get rich:’

I was over a friend’s house for dinner and laid out the the technology of real-time kinematic GPS systems — how they work and what they do — and he literally sat in stunned silence. I’m still not sure he believed me, but clearly he had no idea how far farming has come.

A part of our mission here at PrecisionAg is to tell that story, and other stories of technology use in ag, as much as possible. Not just because it’s cool, but because of the real benefits it brings to the farm, and to us as consumers of food. I’d encourage you all to share your success stories and let Americans know what’s really going on in rural America. Profits mean investment in new technology, which leads to efficiency and benefits for all, just like any industry.

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