Laura McNamaraGeneral

text.pngFarmers who use precision agriculture seem to possess a command over cutting edge technology. What other modern technology do farmers and growers take advantage of? Precision Ag conducted a poll to find out if farmers are hip with texting and wireless internet…

Q. Do you text message for personal or professional communication?

A. A lot of you do, which to some degree surprised me. More than half of you said that you use text messages to communicate. Maybe some of you would be willing to send comments to this blog to let me know why and how you use texting. It seems like a pretty inefficient and clunky way to keep in touch, but perhaps some of you can straighten me out.

Q. Do you use primarily wireless or hard-wired Internet?

A. I was much less surprised to see that just a bit more than half of respondents are using wireless Internet. The technology is so much better and simpler to use than it was just a year or two ago.