Tips for the Field

Laura McNamaraGeneral

PrecisionAg is offering Tech Tips to farmers. The new season means farmers are looking to get back to their field routines as smoothly as possible. had some ideas to help make the transition as smooth as possible:

  • Updates Check. Before you head to the field, go to the manufacturer’s web site and make sure that your field computer has the latest software in it.
  • Freshen Your Knowledge. Go through your notes from last year to remind yourself of problems. And give yourself a refresher course on the equipment.
  • Neat Workspace. Keep the cab clean to avoid any contamination to the electronic connections.
  • Test Run. Calibrate the application rig, do a flow test to ensure that your nozzles are working properly and are not worn out. Run in lot or open area and make sure system is functioning before crunch time.
  • Check Battery and Connections. Are they clean? Does everything have good batteries?
  • Subscribe To eMail Alerts. No one needs more email, but alerts can help to keep you informed. Software updates are common, but addendums to manuals, or entirely new manuals, may be sent via email, which should be downloaded and printed for reference. To minimize the email, only subscribe to alerts for very specific products.

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