Mastering the AMS Masters

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Mark Theuerkauf with John Deere AMS Product DevelopmentJohn Deere’s Ag Management Solutions really wants to provide solutions… not just for its customers, but also for its dealers and consultants. That’s why AMS developed its Masters Program. Mark Theuerkauf is with Deere AMS and he says the Masters Program is a program that’s specifically tailored for dealers who want to focus on new AMS products being released to consumers. Theuerkauf says the two and a half day program allows dealers and consultants to experience new products during live demonstrations out in the field. The program is held in Corpus Christi, TX and has grown to more than 400 attendees.

Chuck interviewed Mark about the AMS Masters program. You can listen to Chuck’s interview here:Listen to MP3 Mark Theuerkauf Interview (5 min. MP3)