Getting a John Deere RTK Update

Chuck ZimmermanAudio, Equipment

John Deere AMS OfficesToday I had the opportunity and pleasure to visit the John Deere Ag Management Solutions offices in Urbandale, IA. This is the first post in a series that I’ll be doing over the next couple weeks about what’s going on in John Deere precision ag products.

I hope you’ll find that these interviews will provide a current inside look at some of the new products, some of which are just now hitting the market, and help you understand them, especially if you haven’t had the opportunity to incorporate them into your farming operation.

Marketing ManagerTo get things started I’ve got an interview today with Mark Theuerkauf, Marketing Manager. Mark and I talked about RTK. Our conversation helped me better understand how the tower or base station network functions to provide a growing coverage area where you can take advantage of the extreme accuracy that RTK offers. As Mark says, John Deere offers three levels of accuracy with RTK being at the top of the list.

You can learn more about RTK on the John Deere StellarSupport website. Mark says that there are considerations when using the network since it is contingent on line of sight with the local towers. He suggests working with your local dealer to find out how you can incorporate RTK in your system.

You can listen to my interview with Mark here: Listen to MP3 Mark Theuerkauf Interview (4 min. MP3)