Precision Agriculture in the News

Chuck ZimmermanPrecision Ag in the News

With the recent upturn in commodity prices, now sure seems to be a good time to look at equipment upgrading. That’s evidenced by the kind of story recently published in the Bismarck Tribune. In it one John Deere dealer is quoted.

In Elgin – the other edge of western wheat country – Dakota Farm Equipment manager Russ Rebel said sales are “really good” after several tough years.

He leafs through the neatly stacked paperwork on his desk and figures he’s got more than two dozen tractors on order for delivery from now through July. The phone rings and rings.

“In 30 years with John Deere, I’ve never seen this pace of sales,” he said, using that finger-up gesture to indicate “wait a sec while I take this call.”

He said he’s had situations where he’s selling the fourth trade-in generated from the first sale.

With many new tractors and combines coming with precision equipment standard it looks like we’ll see a real growth in the number of farmers using it and in the amount of precision applications being used.