Customers Expressing Satisfaction at Farm Machinery Show

Chuck ZimmermanAudio, National Farm Machinery Show

Jeff TopelOne of the new team members at John Deere Ag Management Solutions is Jeff Topel, seen here answering customer questions in their National Farm Machinery Show booth. This is Jeff’s first show where he’s not the farmer asking the questions and he says he’s really enjoying the interaction with people who are visiting.

Jeff says they’re trying to improve efficiency for farmers and provide solutions to their needs. Most of the people he’s spoken to seem to be very happy with their precision equipment. I asked him what he thought about the adoption rate in young vs. older farmers. He says young people are very excited about what precision offers and that once tentative more “seasoned” farmers try using these systems they find that it’s easier than they thought.

You can my interview with Jeff here: Listen to MP3 file Jeff Topel Interview (3 min. mp3)