Documenting Precision Agriculture On The Farm

Chuck ZimmermanAudio, Media Room

Crop Tech TourFarmers wanting to see how other farmers are using new technologies like precision agriculture can see and hear it from the folks at Successful Farming. It’s called the Crop Tech Tour. Regular updates are printed in the magazine but for the most up to date information you’ll need to keep your eye on Agriculture Online where they’ll be posting pictures, stories, audio and video. The idea got started in 2007 and will continue with John Deere’s sponsoring support this year. Tours are planned in all areas of the corn belt.

I spoke with Agriculture Online editor John Walter about the project. He describes what farmers can expect with the work they’re doing on this project. For example, John says that there’s a lot of drama out on the land this year and they’ll be documenting how farmers are reacting to the challenges. Helping them in the effort will be Certified Crop Advisers who will be acting as the “eyes and ears” on the farm. He says they’re not trying to demonstrate new technology but document how it’s being used since farmers have made it clear to them that they are excited to get an online, interactive view of what’s going on, especially from other farmers.

When it comes to precision he says they’re conducting a survey of farmers which so far shows that they’re most interested in proving that yield and data collection analysis benefits them financially. He says that over half are very interested in auto guidance systems.

You can listen to my interview with John here: Listen To MP3 File John Walter Interview (14 minute MP3)