2007 Farm & Gin Show to Capitilize on Technology

Laura McNamaraDisplays, Education, Equipment, Events, Precision Ag in the News, Satellite, Software

The Delta Farm PressThe farming industry is constantly changing and the 2007 Farm & Gin Show wants to give farmers the tools and education to keep up with those changes. The Delta Farm Press reports that this year’s show will feature one of the most innovative tools in farming today, precision application.

Technology’s impact on farming will be even more evident at this year’s show, as agriculture moves rapidly toward development of systems that save time and labor, such as the new cotton harvesters with on-board module builders, and widespread adaptation of global positioning system (GPS) technology that allows precision application of inputs, auto-steering, and other advancements.

More than 400 exhibitors, from almost every state and several worldwide locations, will be participating in this year’s show, which is co-sponsored by Delta Farm Press.

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