Precision Agriculture in the News

Chuck ZimmermanPrecision Ag in the News

Precision farming is once again in the news. This time it’s the activities at Sunbelt Ag Expo getting some headlines. Take this article in the Florida Times Union.

Today’s farmers rely on technology for better crops and more efficient production. The Farmer’s Almanac has been replaced by a computer.

“Most farmers have a laptop on the truck seat next to them these days,” Blalock said (executive director of Sunbelt Ag Expo).

They’re even beginning to use mobile technology to stay plugged in to the Internet as they travel from field to field. High overhead, Global Positioning System satellites assist in plowing, keeping rows straight, allowing for more rows per acre.

Here’s an excerpt from a story in the Gainesville Times.

Precision Ag technology returns with another strong showing. Site-specific, precision farming takes the guesswork out of planting, spraying and a host of other farm chores. And the expo has helped nurture this technology from its early experimental stages until now when it has become a must-have for modern farmers.