Precision Agriculture in the News

Chuck ZimmermanGeneral

We’re seeing precision agriculture showing up in more than just farm publications these days. For example, the Montgomery has a story posted from the (Florence) Daily Times which gives a pretty good overview of how some Alabama farmers are using precision agriculture on their farms.

In the story two of the farmers quoted are Shane Isbell and his Dad, Neal.

Isbell’s father, Neal Isbell, said it is almost impossible not to overlap spraying without using a guidance system.

“It is a big savings economically and to the environment because there is not a lot of excess chemicals out there,” he said.

Shane Isbell said damaging the land with excess chemicals is the last thing a farmer wants.

“This is our livelihood,” he said while reaching down to the soil.

“Farmers are the original environmentalists. I am going to protect that dirt with life and limb because that’s what I need to support my family.”

Isbell Farms also has taken advantage of aerial imagery that lets them look at each specific area of the field from overhead photos.

Images of fields can show which areas are growing well and which areas are not.

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