Swath Control Pro For Planters Animation Video

Chuck ZimmermanEquipment, Events, Video

Swath Control AnimationIt’s one thing to hear about a new product enhancement but quite another to “see” it. That’s the case with John Deere’s Swath Control Pro for planters. This new precision ag product enhancement received lots of excitement at the recent new product introduction.

To see just how it works you can watch a great animation of it on the John Deere website. There’s also an option to download the video to your computer if you’d like.

Higher seed costs are a concern to all growers as they try to improve planter performance for optimal plant emergence and potential yields. New technology from John Deere now allows more efficient use of seed with the Swath Control Pro system for planters.

“We now have a system, integrated with the field-proven GreenStar™ 2 (GS2) Rate Controller, GS2 Display and StarFire iTC receiver, to turn sections of the planter on and off based on GPS coverage,” says Mike Park, marketing manager, John Deere Ag Management Solutions. “Growers will truly appreciate the ability to minimize double planting in headland areas.”

Swath Control Pro is compatible with the existing half- or third-width disconnects found on most John Deere planters. It is also compatible with aftermarket row unit controls. Such systems provide further precision by dividing the planter into smaller sections, which allows even more accuracy and less overplanting.