New 7330 Premium Cab Tractor With AMS and AutoTrac

Chuck ZimmermanEvents, Video

7330 TractorThe John Deere “Dedicated Leadership” product launch is in full swing and today the media, a number of securities analysts as well as dealers from around the country got to see the new products coming out from the company.

One of the first things my group got to do when we arrived at the John Deere product launch field site was drive a new 7330 premium cab tractor.

It was hot so the air conditioned cab was a welcome break. We had a John Deere representative in the cab with us just to keep us safe and of course we buckled up. The tractors were equipped with gps receivers and AMS and AutoTrac integrated.

Jen Clark was my co-pilot and she was very cooperative in allowing me to videotape my test drive.

I’ve recorded a number of interviews with other John Deere representatives here during the product launch which we’ll be featuring in the coming days.