John Deere StarFire iTC Receiver Software Enhancements

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Starfire ITC ReceiverThe John Deere product launch, “Leadership by Design,” is underway in Cincinnati, OH.

An example of the kind of announcements we’re seeing today includes improvements to precision software.

As more producers use precision guidance to lower input costs, save fuel and reduce passes in the field, John Deere continues to enhance software to bring more value and accuracy when using field equipment. Two new improvements include Long Range RTK, which expands the working distance of a vehicle from the base station, and Shading Optimization, which enhances AutoTrac™ performance in partially shaded conditions.

“Precision guidance technology continues to improve with better software to allow greater accuracy in variable field conditions,” says Kayla Reynolds, product marketing manager, John Deere Ag Management Solutions. “Our previous version of StarFire™ RTK had sub-inch accuracy but was limited to a six-mile radius from the base station. The new Long Range RTK software now maintains the accuracy but allows a twelve-mile radius from the base station.”