May The Force Be With You

Chuck ZimmermanGeneral

Ron DeFauwThis week John Deere participated in the Syngenta Learning Centers program in Milford, IA. On display was the new John Deere Central Insecticide System.

Here’s Ron DeFauw, John Deere Seeding Group, talking about a the system’s brand new way to apply Force Insecticide. Think of the box version of wine that you put in your refrigerator and you’ll have a pretty good idea what the new box formulation of this corn rootworm control product looks like. Ron says the product will be available this fall and that you should see your John Deere dealer for more information. He says the system provides for very precise control of the application of the product.

He says benefits of Syngenta’s Force CS include the fact that there’s no worry over getting granulated product or dust on your hands and the boxes are lightweight and easy to load and move. Another benefit comes after you’ve applied the product. The boxes don’t have to be returned to the dealer. You can easily dispose of them.

I’m sure we’ll be hearing more about this new product at next week’s John Deere product launch and I’ll be on hand to provide coverage here on

You can listen to my interview with Ron here: Listen to MP3 Ron DeFauw Interview (2 min MP3)