Precision Ag Consulting

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BurgessPrecision ag management is a consulting specialty for some, like Nicky Burgess of Fullen Land and Management Partners in Ripley, Tennessee.

“My main job is data management and anything else that goes with precision ag,” says Burgess. “From hooking up a piece of equipment on a sprayer to analyzing yield data, all the way to managing the people and training them on how to run the equipment.”

Burgess says their operation includes about 8-9,000 acres of mostly cotton, but also corn, soybeans and wheat in rotation. “Precision agriculture as a whole allows us as a farm to manage that large a scale of acreage spread over 200 miles,” he says. “It allows us to act like a small farmer out there everyday, on the tractor, in the field.”

The main tools Burgess says they use are auto-steer, variable rate control on sprayers and other application equipment, and record-keeping software.

Chuck Zimmerman interviewed with Nicky at the recent InfoAg conference as he stopped by the John Deere booth: Listen to MP3 Burgess Interview (5:30 min mp3)