UNL Expert on OptiGro System

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Randy Koenen Randy Koenen of KTIC/KWPN/Rural Radio Network in West Point, Nebraska recently interviewed Jim Schepers, USDA-ARS soil scientist with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, about the OptiGro imaging program available through John Deere Agri Services.

Schepers“In years like this with lots of excessive rainfall, what happens is nitrogen losses,” Schepers says. “Too much water for two or three days will trigger de-nitrification.”

He explained to Randy how OptiGro can help correct the situation. “They say a picture is worth a thousand words,” he said. “If you can look at your entire field, that helps you start to synthesize what’s happening in terms of nitrogen losses and crop responses. This is where an aerial photograph can help you identify where you’ve got the problems and maybe why they’re there.”

Is it cost effective? Schepers says, “About a dollar an acre, that’s about a quarter of a bushel of corn – so, it’s not much.”

Listen to Randy’s interview with Jim here: Listen To MP3 Randy interview with Jim(2:55 min mp3)