Compatibility is key

Melissa SandfortGeneral

Paul Schrimpf, PrecisionAgThere is still a lot of discussion about the need for compatibility across agriculture equipment, be it a tractor, a sprayer, or a controller. True plug and play is possible in some instances, but has been slow to come. In a free market, that comes with the territory – companies put a lot of time and effort into developing specialized equipment, so there is always going to be the tendency to make things proprietary.

But as we get deeper into the “precision revolution,” compatibility is growing, and practitioners are choosing their brands of equipment more carefully. That seems to be supported by the results of a recent poll showing that nearly 60% run their operations with 3 brands or less of equipment.

Everyone agrees that compatibility and ease of use will be critical to pushing precision ag practices to the next level of adoption.

Content courtesy of Paul Schrimpf, PrecisionAg, a Meister publication