Guidance made easy.

Melissa SandfortEquipment, General

AutoTrac Thinking about GPS? Wanting hands-free ease of operations? Check out AutoTrac – the mobile solution that functions on many different vehicles, with all levels of accuracy, and year-round. What’s more, youhave the opportunity to increase the productivity of your older equipment and even non-“green” equipment by incorporating AutoTrac into your operation. It’s both accurate and reliable, with unsurpassed quality and performance.

“Depending on the crop, the return on the investment in a guidance package can be much greater and the payback much faster,” says Kayla Reynolds, product marketing manager for John Deere Ag Management Solutions. “The scalability and affordability of these newer systems give producers who farm from 500 to 50,000 acres a chance to the technology and expand it to include mapping and variable-rate applications.”