Producer Profile: Greg Hannay

Melissa SandfortAudio, Precision in Practice

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John Deere 4720 Sprayer Greg Hannay
Rosetown, SK
John Deere components used: GreenStar 2, John Deere 4720 Sprayer with Swath Control Pro

Q: How do you use precision ag?
A: I don’t know how I ever sprayed without it (the GreenStar 2 System). The major advantage with AutoTrac is parallel tracking as well as the curve track option. I now have the ability to follow a straight path time after time, or strike my own A/B line with degree capabilities.

Every path is deadly accurate. The active screen map paints you a picture of the whole field as to what you have and have not done; there is no confusion as to what and where you’ve done it. Then we have a printable document for customer use and custom applications.

Q: What are the advantages of using precision ag products?
A: When you consider chemical and fuel costs, when you spray something that’s as high as $25 to $30 an application per acre, it doesn’t take long on an overlap to lose money. You can set your course and hold that path which saves a lot of money in a short amount of time.

My neighbors say they can shoot a bullet down the furrows – it’s that straight. And, my 73-year-old father has the freedom to still be actively involved. We can work a 14 to16 hour day without being fatigued.

Q: Have you ever had a question about your GreenStar system?
A: Yes. But the John Deere support and dealer network is very strong. We’ve never had any major issues, and the minor ones we’ve had were solved quickly. John Deere product support is available 24 hours a day.

You can listen to the full interview with Greg here: Listen to MP3 Greg Hannay (5 min mp3)