Producer Profile: Russ Lanphair

Melissa SandfortAudio, Precision in Practice

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GreenStar 2 System Russ Lanphair
Sikeston, Mo.
John Deere components used: AutoTrac

Q: What motivated you to use a John Deere AutoTrac precision ag system?
A: We had been using lightbars, and they worked, but they really didn’t make it any easier. It seemed as though we spent more time watching the lightbar than we did anything else.

Now we use the GreenStar 2 system during planting – we know we’re getting the Nitrogen rate that we want, where we want it.

Q: On what other applications do you use AutoTrac?
A: We’ve used it to change Nitrogen rates and now we’re doing prescription work with anhydrous and seed rates.

We more than justify the cost of the system. We were doing everything manually, but now we’ve eliminated the human error.

You can listen to the interview with Russ here: Listen to MP3 Russ Lanphair (2 min mp3)