Producer Profile: Brian Allenbaugh

Melissa SandfortPrecision in Practice

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John Deere AutoTrac SystemBrian Allenbaugh
5,000 acres of rice, corn, milo, wheat, beans
Augusta, Ark.
John Deere components used: Mapping, AutoTrac

Q: How do precision ag products benefit your operation?
A: We were early adopters of GPS systems and have been using them for about 11 years now. Over the years, we’ve seen significant improvements in guidance packages. They are easier to use and there are more things to use them on. The mobility to move them from tractor to tractor is really amazing. Next year, we’re looking at incorporating aerial photography and soil maps.

Q: What are the cost savings to owning precision ag products?
A: The mapping function allows us to analyze acres down to a “T”. We start planning for the next year immediately when we get off the combine. In the winter, it enables me to set a game plan for the next year for each field.

The AutoTrac system enables me to save on fuel, chemicals, seed and time. I was skeptical about the accuracy when we first investigated the system, but I’d hate to go without it now that I have it.

I use the John Deere system on my 1780 planter and 4700 sprayer. AutoTrac pencils out – it more than pays for itself. Growers can save money on about anything you hook up to your precision ag system.