The Precision Ag Minute

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Precision MinuteThis Precision Ag Minute is about John Deere’s RTK System, which is compatible with any GreenStar™ AutoTrac™ system and takes GreenStar guidance products to the next level of accuracy and repeatability by building on the existing StarFire™ receiver.

Peter Shinn with Brownfield Network talked to Steve Hafner of Minnesota who says the RTK system has a level of control that allows him to spend less time steering his tractor. “You can turn around, you can watch your implement work,” Hafner says. “You’re not constantly concentrating on trying to drive straight,” which allows him to keep his equipment within that 8-10″ clean and stripped off area each and every pass.

You can listen to the latest Precision Ag Minute here: Listen to MP3 Precision Ag Minute 6 (1 min mp3)