Ag Leader DirectCommand Application Management

Talia Goes

1513260_10151782607056377_388398720_nAg Leader Technology has announced additional features to its DirectCommand application managment system. This update is part of a recent firmware upgrade – version 5.4 – to the Ag Leader Integra and Versa displays.

5.4 firmware includes enhanced Smart Report exporting and auto-generation of reports, a feature specific to the Ag Leader Integra display. With the new functionality, a user can define conditions controlling report generation. Smart Reports can be exported to AgFiniti, Ag Leader’s cloud-based platform. This aids in streamlining the process of delivering a Smart Report to a customer.

As soon as the operator ends the event, a report is generated and stored internally,” says Rick DeVore, DirectCommand Product Specialist. “At the end of the day, the operator can export all reports to AgFiniti. Now those reports can be accessed anywhere through AgFiniti and emailed to their customers.”

Smart Report generation has also been customized for the operator. Smart Reports can now be generated upon suspending or permanently closing an event. An operator can also specify to which media device Smart Reports are exported; a USB drive or AgFiniti. “This will eliminate accidental sending of Smart Reports to the wrong media device,” says DeVore.

New to the 5.4 firmware is an enhanced summary screen. Operators can choose one of four viewing modes – Agronomic, Event, Operator and Configuration. Agronomic and Event view modes have been present in previous firmware versions, filtering summary information by Season, Operation, Grower, Farm Field, Product or Event.

“Operator and Configuration view modes are additions,” explains DeVore. “These modes will display summary information that is filtered either by season, operator and operation, or by season, operation and configuration. Each mode breaks down the total acres/hectares that each operator and configuration have logged. This allows a business or operation to quickly see the total acres/hectares an operator or machine has logged.”

A date range filter has also been added to the Operator and Configuration view modes, allowing the user to view summary information within a certain date range. The user can also create any Smart Report that is present within that date and batch create Smart Reports for the day, week, month or an entire season.

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