What to do With All That Data

Chuck Zimmerman

Terry Griffin CrescoAg AG CONNECT ExpoAt a networking breakfast this morning at AG CONNECT Expo, sponsored by CaseIH, Dr. Terry Griffin, VP – Applied Economics CrescoAG, spoke on the “Making the Most of Precision Ag: I have all this data. Now What?” It is a good example of the type of sessions you’ll find at throughout the show.

I recorded Terry’s remarks which include a lengthy Q&A session for you to listen to. He does talk about some slides which I do not have to share but I think you’ll find some of the ideas he presented very interesting. Some of those that I took note of include. GPS guidance profitable with short payback. 3rd party help in the total precision ag system is needed. Without it there is a gap that provides an opportunity for companies right now. He said that “Data from single farm has finite value to that farmer. Greatest value is pooled community analysis.” Terry also talked about the whole concept of sharing data into a system for the benefit of all farmers. There was some disagreement in the audience about how this could work and concerns for what would happen with their local data.

You can listen to Terry’s presentation here: Precision Ag Presentation by Terry Griffin

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