Ag Leader Mesa A Fully Functional Handheld

Chuck Zimmerman

Ag Leader Technology MesaAt the National Farm Machinery Show Pete Youngblut, who works in the Ag Leader Technology software support group, brought me up to date on the new Mesa handeld rugged notebook that is SMS™ Mobile compatible.

It allows a customer to go to the field to do crop scouting, set boundaries and more, then bring it back to sync with desktop software. He says that rather than having to take a tractor to the field you can hop on your four wheeler or get in your pickup and go. The Mesa runs on new Windows Mobile OS so it also has the capability with wifi to browse the internet and check email. It also will have a built in camera!

You can listen to my interview with Pete here: Pete Youngblut Interview

2011 National Farm Machinery Show Photo Album coverage of the National Farm Machinery Show is sponsored by: Ag Leader Technology

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