Melissa Sandfort

AutoTrac, iTec Pro Purdue University ag economist Michael Boehlje has called GPS-guided steering systems the “killer application” for agriculture, because growers who tap into its capabilities for improved efficiency and productivity can get immediate payback. And any lender should clearly see current and future efficiencies with this technology investment.

Leading the way in GPS technology, the John Deere iGuide system, which will be available in limited release in 2007, automatically shifts the steering pattern of the tractor to compensate for implement drift. It is compatible with John Deere AutoTrac integrated vehicles with GreenStar 2 systems (except 9000 series track and wheel tractors).

John Deere also has announced a completely automated system, the iTEC Pro that not only guides the tractor, but automates implement controls, ground speed and end turns at headland and interior boundaries. It will be available for limited release in 2007.

Content courtesy of Farm Industy News.