Land Forming For Sustainable Water Conservation

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Last week I attended the 2012 Conservation in Action Tour courtesy of AGROTAIN. I’m going to share some of my stories here like this one with one of the speakers on the annual tour. Travis Satterfield grows mainly rice and soybeans in Mississippi. He has also served as Chair of Delta F.A.R.M. and is a member of the Mississippi Delta … Read More

2012 Conservation in Action Tour in Mississippi

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The Conservation Technology Information Center (CTIC) has announced their 2012 Conservation in Action Tour and it’s going to be done “southern style” in the Mississippi Delta region. CTIC Executive Director Karen Scanlon says they will host the event on May 31 near Tunica, Miss., which will include educational field visits, technology demonstrations and opportunities to speak directly with growers about … Read More

AgRobotics AutoProbe Demo at CTIC Tour

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I did a post about the AgRobotics AutoProbe several years ago and this month I finally got to see it in action during the 2011 CTIC Conservation In Action Tour on August 9 in northwest Ohio. “It’s the first on-the-go soil sampling apparatus for agriculture,” Jeff Burton told me. “We’ve been developing it since 2002 and have been in the … Read More

Record Setting Conservation in Action Tour

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The 2011 CTIC Conservation In Action Tour on August 9 in northwest Ohio was one for the record books. “We’re thrilled that we had to add an extra bus,” said one of the organizers of this year’s event, Steve Davis with the Ohio USDA NRCS. “We wanted to show people the agriculture in northwest Ohio, the good work that many … Read More

Doing Precision Conservation In Illinois

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This week I participated in the Conservation Technology Information Center’s Indian Creek Watershed Project field tour. Several bus loads of participants visited Livingston County, IL area farms to see and hear how they are implementing best management practices for things like nutrient management. One of the people working on the project with CTIC and a presenter is Harold Reetz. I … Read More