AgGateway ADAPT Software Will Benefit Precision Industry

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Premier-logoMark Stelford, General Manager of Premier Crop Systems, spoke with Chuck Zimmerman while at Develop With Deere about the work that Premier is going with AgGateway and the ADAPT project. Premier has been serving the ag industry for about 18 years; they work with ag retailers and trusted advisors to help growers leverage precision ag data to improve their operations.

AgGateway is a group of businesses that serve the agriculture industry with a goal of expanding and enabling eBusiness within the industry. As an industry organization, AgGateway’s goal isn’t to invent standards by which to operate, but to implement standards enabling eBusiness in ag to grow.

john_deere_logo_3623ADAPT is an industry effort on behalf of AgGateway that aims to provide a software that can be used by companies like Premier Crop. It will be a data decoder type software allowing companies to utilize the data information from John Deere equipment, or similar companies, into their own program or interface.

“This effort has been going on for several years, all the major players are at the table. It’s a welcome spot in the evolution to see that we’re getting to the point where we can take a piece of software and companies across the industry can integrate it into their own systems. It’s open-source software, which is unique.” Mark Stelford, Premier Crop. “We fully intend to build a community around this software and plan on engaging the software providers to accept feedback, for the benefit of everyone in the community.”

ADAPT is a step towards having a common system that everyone can integrate, yet individual companies will be able to run it on their own API.

Listen to Chuck’s interview with Mark Stelford here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Mark Stelford, Premier Crop Systems”]

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