NCGA Member Earns National Recognition

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Nicholas Goeser, SHP, with Tim Smith, award recipient

Nicholas Goeser, SHP with Tim Smith, award recipient

The Champions of Change award recognizes ordinary Americans doing extraordinary things in their communities. The diverse group of farmers, ranchers, researchers and educators were recognized for their exemplary leadership in supporting change in their communities through innovation in agricultural production and education.

In recognition of Tim Smith’s commitment to adopting new practices and teaching others, Smith received the White House Champions of Change award yesterday in Washington. The Soil Health Partnership and Iowa Soybean Association nominated Smith, who also is a member of the National Corn Growers Association.

“Tim Smith truly believes in creating lasting change, and has generously used the knowledge he’s gained to teach others,” said Nicholas Goeser, director of the SHP. “He has shown hundreds if not thousands of farmers, students and others how environmental stewardship can protect the watershed, optimize yields, enhance profits and improve the soil’s overall profile for years to come.”

Smith was one recognized in the “Sustainable and Climate-Smart Agriculture” category. He remembers driving a Model G two-cylinder tractor to plow his family’s farm in North Central Iowa. Today, still farming that same land, Tim is a leader in adopting advanced agricultural practices to improve soil health. Doing so protects the water that ends up in the Gulf of Mexico.

“American agriculture is more advanced and efficient than ever, but making deeper changes in the business of farming will enable us do even better for long-term sustainability,” Smith said. “Losing precious soil is not sustainable. Farmers are becoming more aware of this and the impact it has.”