An ISPA Update at #13ICPA

Chuck Zimmerman

The 13th International Conference on Precision Agriculture (ICPA) is underway. Dr. Ken Sudduth, Research Agricultural Engineer, USDA-ARS, is currently President of the International Society of Precision Agriculture (ISPA) and welcomed us in this morning’s opening plenary session. During Dr. Sudduth’s remarks he gives a report on the ISPA and encouraged attendees from 28 countries to help start affiliated groups in …

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ICPA Conference Registration is Now Open

Kelly Marshall

The 13th International Conference on Precision Agriculture (ICPA) is coming to St. Louis, Missouri from July 31 to August 3, 2016.  The event will take place at Union Station and includes presentations from scientists around the world.  A program outline is now available and registration has begun. The conference will kick-off with a reception in the hotel, followed Monday evening …

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Gearing Up for InfoAg Conference 2016

Kelly Marshall

It might be their off-season, but the people behind the InfoAg Conference aren’t taking it easy.  Harold Reetz, the original founder of the event, recently traveled to the 2016 Commodity Classic.  His goal in attending the event was to share more about the opportunities available at InfoAg with the great group of farmers who come to Commodity Classic. Since 1995, …

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2016 International Conference on Precision Agriculture

Kelly Marshall

The 2016 International Conference on Precision Agriculture (ICPA) will be held July 31- August 3 at Union Station, St. Louis, MO.  You are now invited to submit abstracts for conference topics on the ISPA website. Abstracts will be reviewed for suitability based on scientific content and clarity. Abstracts meeting these criteria will be accepted for presentation as either oral or …

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Monitoring Weather Risks Using Predictive Models

Jamie Johansen

Moorea Brega, Climate Corporation, spoke during the Sponsor Showcase at the recent International Conference for Precision Agriculture. She shared how the company quickly changed their focus of looking at weather risks for all industries and fine tuned their resources keeping the farmer at their focal point. “The way that we did that was by using predictive modeling. Once you build …

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Professor Discusses Precision Weed Control at ICPA

Jamie Johansen

Dr. David Slaughter is a Professor of Biological and Agricultural Engineering at UC Davis and spoke on using precision technology in weed control at the International Conference on Precision Agriculture. “The big challenge and why we don’t see commercial products in precision imaging is because a natural environment is a complicated one. When we see the weeds and the crop …

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A Word From ISPA President at ICPA

Jamie Johansen

President of International Society of Precision Agriculture (ISPA), John Stafford, says there were a wide variety of items on the agenda at this year’s International Conference on Precision Agriculture including technology and crop and soil science. “In many ways precision agriculture has become mainstream. It was something for only early adopters up until recent years, but now as the keynote …

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Opening Keynote at Intl. Conf. on Precision Agriculture

Chuck Zimmerman

Dr. Margaret Oliver was the opening keynote speaker at this week’s International Conference on Precision Agriculture. She is Deputy Editor of the European Journal of Soil Science (2011–present) and was Co-Editor of Precision Agriculture with John Stafford for six years until the end of 2010, but remains on the Editorial Board. On hand for ZimmComm was Sabrina Hill, AgNet West. …

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Make Plans to Attend the 12th ICPA

Talia Goes

The International Society of Precision Agriculture (ISPA) is pleased to announce the 12th International Conference on Precision Agriculture (ICPA) to be held at the Hyatt Regency in Sacramento, California, USA from July 20-23, 2014. Precision agriculture techniques, technologies and their applications are now ‘mainstream agriculture’ and can certainly help towards solving the problems and challenges that face agricultural production worldwide. …

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