Mastering the AMS Masters

Laura McNamara

John Deere’s Ag Management Solutions really wants to provide solutions… not just for its customers, but also for its dealers and consultants. That’s why AMS developed its Masters Program. Mark Theuerkauf is with Deere AMS and he says the Masters Program is a program that’s specifically tailored for dealers who want to focus on new AMS products being released to …

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ITEC Pro A Leader in Ag Technology for English Farmers

Laura McNamara

The pressure is on in the farming industry. At least, that’s what the English think. The Engineer Online reports that Prof John Beddington, the English government’s new chief scientific adviser, has claimed that an “impending food crisis is the biggest challenge facing humanity.” And, as it turns out, The Engineer Online says experts agree that precision farming is a major …

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A Closer Look at John Deere’s Industry Exclusive ITEC Pro

Laura McNamara

ITEC Pro stands for Intelligent Total Equipment Control. And, it does exactly what it sounds like it does. Darin Krantz is the product development manager in the marketing department at John Deere Ag Management Solutions. He says the ITEC Pro automates the entire driving function for qualified Deere tractors, giving less-skilled operators the precision they need to make more efficient …

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Farmers Can Now Upgrade AutoTrac Universal with ATU 200

Laura McNamara

John-Deere just released its latest design in its AutoTrac Universal system. The ATU 200 was shipped out to dealers in March and should now be available to consumers nationwide. Chuck spoke with John Deere’s Kayla Reynolds about the new ATU upgrade. You can listen to Chuck’s interview with Kayla here, where she talks about the improvements John Deere made with …

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Getting a John Deere RTK Update

Chuck Zimmerman

Today I had the opportunity and pleasure to visit the John Deere Ag Management Solutions offices in Urbandale, IA. This is the first post in a series that I’ll be doing over the next couple weeks about what’s going on in John Deere precision ag products. I hope you’ll find that these interviews will provide a current inside look at …

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Precision Planting

Cindy Zimmerman

With seed costs getting higher every year, it pays to be precise when planting to avoid wasting any of that precious potential profit. Rob Rippchen, division marketing manager for John Deere’s seeding group, was the planter go-to guy at the 2008 Commodity Classic and he was so busy talking to interested growers that I had trouble getting him away for …

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Precision Ag Works

Cindy Zimmerman

One of the best places on the web to find good information about precision agriculture is, an on-line publication of Meister Media Worldwide. At the 2008 Commodity Classic, I had the opportunity to visit with group publisher Al Strohmaier about Precision Ag – the website, as well as the PrecisionAg Buyer’s Guide, and PrecisionAg Special Reports. Al told me …

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Precision Sprays

Cindy Zimmerman

Lee Madden is product manager in the sprayer marketing group with John Deere and he was busy at the 2008 Commodity Classic trade show in Nashville this week telling growers about the new 30 series line up. Among the changes in the new series is standard precision features, like the GS2 monitor. “That’s the color touch screen display for the …

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