InfoAg Talk: Soil Management Zones Increase N Efficiency

Kurt Lawton

Ten years of research by Dr. Raj Khosla and his precision agriculture grad students at Colorado State University has produced a soil color based management zone technique that accurately optimizes Nitrogen use efficiency within and across zones in given corn fields. “Once farmers realize the value of varying N rates based on field productivity zones, most want to add more …

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InfoAg Talk: Technology You Can Use

Kurt Lawton

Speaking at the bi-annual precision agriculture InfoAg conference in Springfield, Ill., recently, Utah State Geospatial Extension Specialist Phil Rasmussen talked about the latest tools he uses in the field. Rasmussen has worked with NASA on remote sensing projects, and 10 years ago began a geospatial training program for County Extension agents called “On Target.” In his talk he highlighted the …

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Precision and Peanuts

Cindy Zimmerman

I recently attended the Southern Peanut Growers Conference blog and talked with representatives from Trimble and Ag Technologies who work together in the Southeast to provide the very latest in technology to help peanut growers be more productive. Tim East of Trimble and Brian Kelly of Ag Technologies discussed their relationship with peanut growers in the southeast and what they …

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New Prescription N Application Sensor

Kurt Lawton

At this week’s InfoAg 2009 conference, caught up with Ag Leader Technology’s Roger Zielke to discuss a new sensor-driven product designed to help growers apply prescription Nitrogen rates by measuring the health of the growing crop. Zielke, who heads up new business development for Ag Leader, describes how this Holland Scientific light sensor reads light reflectance of the growing …

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Virtual Weather Technology Helps Agronomic Decisions

Kurt Lawton

At this week’s InfoAg 2009 precision farming conference, National Corn Grower Association yield champion David Hula of Renwood Farms in eastern Virginia gave a presentation on technology and productivity. As a seed producer, he likes to keep his customers informed on proper planting dates. One technology he uses to do this is Hula says this virtual weather station accurately …

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Plan Now For Better Fall Fertilizer Control

Kurt Lawton

With corn tassels popping rapidly across the Corn Belt, growers continue scouting and are beginning to think about harvest prep work as well as fall fertilization strategies. While attending this week’s InfoAg 2009 conference, caught up with Ag Leader Technology’s Jeff Bentley to gain more insight into grower use of accurate fertilizer control. In this interview, Bentley, who heads …

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Rugged Handheld Mobile PC With GPS

Kurt Lawton

Continuing coverage of InfoAg 2009 conference here at also includes some news updates from our sponsor, Ag Leader Technologies. One of the products that jumps out at you in their booth is the bright orange rubberized SMS Mobile Field PC—which looks tough enough to play football with in the rain and mud. Seriously though, it truly can withstand field …

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InfoAg Speaker Promotes Fertilizer BMP Needs

Kurt Lawton

Encouraging all farmers, not just the technology adopters, to use precision fertilizer Best Management Practices (BMPs) was the theme of an opening session talk by Clyde Graham, VP of Strategy and Alliances with the Canadian Fertilizer Institute. Speaking at the bi-annual precision agriculture InfoAg conference in Springfield, Ill., today, Graham cited the importance of a global 4Rs BMP effort with …

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Precision Guidance In Central California

Chuck Zimmerman

I’ve had the opportunity to work on a project for John Deere that involves their new utility tractors and vehicles this year called the Drive Green Utility Tractor Show. During the course of the project I’ve visited John Deere dealers and show stops where these new tractors have been displayed. This has included a number of ride and drive opportunities …

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